Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oasis Of Seas

Assalamualaikum. Now, I present you 'The World Biggest Ship'. First expression when I see these pictures is amazed. I think this ship idealized by the structure of Titanic. I want to call it the Second Titanic Of Gigantic Ship or Titanic Shadow Of Histories. But then, the name of Oasis is more better than that, right? What kind of name I give it huh? Hahaha... Anyway, hope you all enjoy watching these pictures. ^_^

Pretty big,isn't?
¬Dinner Hall¬
¬5 Star Hotel¬
¬Pretty cool huh?¬
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Michi, that's my nickname. Im just an ordinary blogger. Searching for Mardhatillah. I'm hoping something. For those who knew me already, they will know what I looking for. Pray for my strenght and my success. I want to fly without wings... And I really what I think... (^_^) LuKLuK BaiDoa
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