Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tragedy Of Blind Love

A melancholy of nasyeed dress me with sad tune
A song together rhythm move me down the harsh of lay
Call upon the beauty to make me stay away
But then realize these memories shouldn't be mine
I bear it a little with sympathy occurring
Just to make me not to suffer
'coz I have through the hardest way that drive me crazy
Its look like there is nothing left to make me feel free
I don't think the path that have been chosen so hard like this
'coz I always wonder the life which is I dream is pretty
But now the regret is useless beyond these tragedy
The mesmerizing of time is reckless taking colour of joy
So I will forever being like this singing with depress
How could I staying like this with the description freaky
I ponder the pure love will waiting until paradise meeting me
The days after tomorrow never show the particular crisis gone
How the blind of love can turn to dark world full of misery
Only you know when it will be and what to be
~Lukluk Baido' 29th August 2012~

About The Author
Michi, that's my nickname. Im just an ordinary blogger. Searching for Mardhatillah. I'm hoping something. For those who knew me already, they will know what I looking for. Pray for my strenght and my success. I want to fly without wings... And I really what I think... (^_^) LuKLuK BaiDoa
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