Thursday, December 27, 2012

Could it be him

Could it be him
The trusted one
Believe from the bottom
First and ever
Please being guilty
The tragedy beyond this
Don't want turning back
And through the same situation
Fear and Scared
Just want to go and left
All the past
That hatching again
Again and again
The traumatic business
He still the same
After days
After weeks
After months
After years
Could it be him?

I am sure
you don't need to say it
Already broken
Not once
But always
Been the trade to see
The poem grow
For you to watch
Rather than later
So You can recognize
This is me
The author
Of the pearl canvas...

Could it be him...
Could it be him...

Lukluk Baido'

About The Author
Michi, that's my nickname. Im just an ordinary blogger. Searching for Mardhatillah. I'm hoping something. For those who knew me already, they will know what I looking for. Pray for my strenght and my success. I want to fly without wings... And I really what I think... (^_^) LuKLuK BaiDoa
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