Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hope for tomorrow

Hope tomorrow never cries
But then still cracking heart
Will always same as before
Don't greet hi with smile
To the one who says goodbye
Just agree for my apply
Could u please just give up
End the desire u want set on
Just let me fullfill my dreams
To break up the entirety
On the name of God I pleased
Hope u don't mind to let me free
Hope u understand this is love
Love is let go the person u love
To have her own happiness
To make her shine with bright

I will hate u if u still like this

Lukluk Baido'

About The Author
Michi, that's my nickname. Im just an ordinary blogger. Searching for Mardhatillah. I'm hoping something. For those who knew me already, they will know what I looking for. Pray for my strenght and my success. I want to fly without wings... And I really what I think... (^_^) LuKLuK BaiDoa
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