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The great opportunities not to be missed in performing duty as “Da’ie/Da’iyah” is the hours when we are in the Main Prayers Hall by disseminating the most important part of dakwah that is the “Oneness” (tawhid) of God who is Allah by showing that:

I. Wall

The wall before us has no image, statue or music instruments to ensure that the friendly environment be emerged so that a prayer would be able to concentrate his prayer to Allah without distraction.

II. Niche

Niche or “Mihrab” showing the direction of prayer towards “Ka’abah” constructed in cube shape found in Saudi Arabia; and this Ka’bah is not something that to be prayed for or worshipped as the statue, idol or image.

Should the Ka’abah been dismantled and transferred somewhere else, say Kuala Lumpur; surely we would never face our prayer to Kuala Lumpur – the vicinity where Kaabah is now located is regarded as the point of direction only and historically recorded that our Prophet Adam and Abraham, the same prophets of Jews and Christian were the ones who built and preserved that vicinity

III. Imam

An Imam is appointed just to lead the prayers in group who will be standing in the Niche; and he is not the person to stand as intermediate man between mankind and God Allah, and he is also not authorized to forgive sins as he himself is subject to wrong-doing and be responsible for his own deeds.

IV. Pulpit

Pulpit or “Mimbar” is a stage where the Imam gives sermons on Fridays; and the text of sermons containing advices on living in this world that to be governed by teachings of Allah and His prophet, Mohammad (pbuh); and Friday prayer is compulsory to the men while optional for women who would rather prefer to look after her household.

V. Allah: name of God

We pray to our God namely Allah; one and only to be worshipped; no one besides Him or assist Him; as He is the great and powerful therefore the first word said on calling people to pray and to begin with is word of “Allahu Akbar” meaning “Allah is the Greatest”.

VI. Allah: The Greatest!

Why not? He is the one who created us and look after us as well as to create the universe for us; and according to scientists and astronomers that the universe comprising of billion of planets in one galaxy; and galaxy itself numbering in billion so where does the earth stand? Just like a dust floating around! For whom this universe created? Surely for mankind to see and appreciate amazingly as well as to prove that He is really the Greatest!

VII. Bowing and Kneeling Down

Bowing (rukuk) and Kneeling Down (sujud) being sincerely done in good faith showing by deed that we admit and concede ourselves that we’re really tiny creature, humbly bowing and kneeling down by saying “you are the greatest” and “you are the highest”. Every one in atmosphere of equality; king or wealthy man have to lay his head, prostrating himself before God, at the feet of slave or beggar standing in front of them.

VIII. Five times prayer

So many people are shocked on hearing that Muslims are under obligation to pray five times per day; and yet how long does it takes per prayer actually? Its around 3/4 minutes per prayer and on calculation it is just around (5x4) = 20 minutes per day: and 20 minutes per day compared to 24 hrs we live in daily what is so significant 20 minutes spent for our Creator – praising and thanking Him? It is not a big deal! Remembering Allah is to be done at all times – not occassionally!


Ethics (Akhlak): Islamic ethics to be adhered to as it is being observed by non Muslims visitors while dakwah being delivered.

I. Voice

The voice should be in low tone, and not to be raised even though we are in dilemma situation.

II. Joke

No joking be performed as it might imply an unwelcome gesture as well as to provoke unnecessary reaction though light and gentle humor is acceptable - avoid being a joker.

III. Egoistic

Talking aloud and boasting about our living experiences in the country where the guest comes from might be irritating and probably on the other side being annoyed; so just a little bit of words appreciating their country will do.

IV. Photograph

The visitor might be feeling a great lost coming to the Mosque without photograph so let them take picture for remembrance to take home, but bear in mind that any photograph taken might be download in you tube for world view – certain distance with ladies for da’ie and men for da’iayah, should be well observed.

V. Islamic Scholar

Be specific in our dakwah that is disseminating the tawhid of Allah, and avoid making ourselves as an Islamic scholar delivering lecture on all tenets of Islam that lead to boring and uncomfortable situation throughout the visit, unless specifically being asked for – lets the visiting hours be shared, enjoyed and beneficial for all.

May Allah reward our dakwah works with barakah, maghfirah and rahmah, insya Allah, amien!


rashad: 26hb Safar, 1434 9hb Januari, 2013


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