Wednesday, January 1, 2014

☆★He will be waiting too long enough★☆

He is waiting long enough
That I will not think it was
The memories disappear and appear
Shrunk into the pieces underneath
Upon the dust dairy diary
Which has been stainless steel sealed
The key in my hand
And I will not lent it yet
Even it burned into fire
Or vanished on time
But they still seek it
I need to run away from the street way
And fly into the darkness of night
Pretty sure they still looking on it
To be some sort hilarious
And be the title of spreads
O need reconcile
The golden with me
I am holding it tight
Hoping they off their sight
And blind eyes their selves
For the sake of mean time
And he will be waiting
Waiting too long enough

~Lukluk Baidoa~


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...::Lukluk Baidoa::..